1. Webdesk:- Police say businessman Raj Kundra has made more than 100 blueprints in a year and a half. Mumbai police said Rajkundre was not cooperating with the investigation. Kundra denied allegations to the police that he had offered Rs 25 lakh to the Crime Branch to avoid arrest.
  2. Meanwhile, Shilpa Shetty took to Instagram for the first time after her husband Raj Kundra was arrested in a blueprint case. I feel lucky to be alive now. We will face the challenges of the future as well as the challenges of the past. “Nothing can change my life today,” Shilpa Shetty said. Raj Kundra was arrested on July 19. According to police, Raj Kundra and his associates earned crores from blueprint making.
    Meanwhile, investigators had said that his wife and actress Shilpa Shetty was not involved in the blueprint making case. Investigators said there was currently no evidence that Shilpa Shetty was involved.


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