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Debunking the Myth: Who Enjoys Sex More, Men or Women?

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Sexual satisfaction is an important aspect of human relationships, but there are still many misconceptions about sexuality in our society today. One common question that arises is whether men or women enjoy sex more. Research has shown that in sexual encounters between a man and a woman, men are more likely to reach orgasm than women. According to a report by condom maker Durex, men are four times more likely to have orgasms than women.

Durex’s report found that only 5% of women answered “always” when asked if they had an orgasm during sex, compared to 20% of men. However, a more detailed study conducted by the International Academy of Sex Research in 2017 found that 95% of heterosexual men said they usually or always had orgasms during sex. This study also reported that 89% of gay men, 88% of bisexual men, and 86% of lesbian women experience orgasm. Additionally, 66% of bisexual women reported experiencing orgasm.


Despite these statistics, experts in the field of sex therapy point out that there are some misconceptions that need to be corrected in order to achieve sexual satisfaction in male-female relationships. One common mistake is assuming that only genital-vaginal intercourse is considered sex. Health experts note that men are more likely to reach orgasm during intercourse because the glans of the penis is very sensitive, making any movement very pleasurable and ejaculation easy. However, clitoris stimulation is not possible with the penis entering the vagina. Sexual satisfaction can be achieved through clitoral stimulation by other means, which is still considered an orgasm. Additionally, oral sex, mutual masturbation, and using sex toys with a partner are also considered forms of sex.

Sex therapist Silva Neves emphasizes the importance of expanding the definition of sex to include these other forms of sexual activity. By doing so, both partners are more likely to achieve sexual satisfaction and have a more fulfilling sexual relationship. It’s important to remember that every individual’s experience with sex is unique, and open communication with a partner and a willingness to explore different forms of sexual activity can lead to greater sexual satisfaction for both parties.

#sexualitymyths #maleorgasm #femaleorgasm #clitoralstimulation #sextherapy #sexualhealth

#sexualitymyths #maleorgasm #femaleorgasm #clitoralstimulation #sextherapy #sexualhealth

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