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More than 500 dead, including children, in Israeli attack on hospital in Gaza;

More than 500 dead, including children, in Israeli attack on hospital in Gaza; #israelPalestineConflict,

The nations of the world have condemned the Israeli attack on the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza. The death toll in the attack has crossed 500. Reports indicate that thousands have been injured. Palestine has confirmed that Israel is behind the attack. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that they have no role in the airstrikes

US President Joe Biden has announced that the attack is very sad and that the incident is being investigated.
.Palestine President Mahboud Abbas canceled talks with Joe Biden in the wake of the attack. The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also released a press release stating that the talks with the American President have been postponed.

The White House has confirmed that Joe Biden’s visit to Jordan has been cancelled. Protests against Israel are strong among the Arab countries. In the wake of the attack, three days of mourning have been announced in Gaza and the West Bank. Jordan came to the scene accusing the attack on the hospital as a war crime. Qatar described it as a brutal massacre. GCC countries have announced $100 million in emergency aid to Palestine. The GCC countries also demanded a halt to military operations.

The attack took place last night on a hospital and a UN refugee camp in Gaza. The attacks took place at the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in central Gaza and the Al Maghazi refugee camp, which is run by the United Nations for Palestinian refugees. Israel launched an airstrike on the hospital without warning. The hospital was home to hundreds of Gazans injured in Israeli airstrikes. The death toll in Israel’s attack on Gaza has so far exceeded 3,000. More than 1000 of them are children. 1400 Israelis have also been killed in the Hamas attack

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