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Humanitarian Crisis Escalates in Gaza, Over 12,000 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Attacks;

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reports a staggering death toll in Gaza, surpassing 12,000, with over 5,000 being children. Hospitals in Gaza, isolated by damaged communication systems, witness patients succumbing to dire conditions. Despite pleas from the Ameer of Qatar to U.S. President Joe Biden for urgent intervention, the international response remains insufficient.

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The International Criminal Court announces an investigation into Israel’s alleged war crimes amid the ongoing crisis. Unofficial estimates suggest the toll may exceed 15,000, considering bodies under rubble. A significant portion of the casualties comprises women and children. Al Shifa hospital, under continued Israeli aggression, loses all 22 ICU patients due to oxygen shortages, with 51 additional deaths from diseases.
Severe health problems plague the remaining patients due to a lack of clean water. Approximately 7,000, including patients and refugees, face dire conditions at the hospital. While the Israeli army extends inspections at Al Shifa, Netanyahu claims tunnel findings and weapon seizures. Hamas dismisses these as false propaganda.
Israel now denies evidence of hostages in the hospital’s basement, leaving inhabitants without water and food. Amid the crisis, the Israeli cabinet permits fuel delivery for aid agencies to Gaza, attempting to alleviate the dire humanitarian situation.

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