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“Gaza is the largest open prison in the world” Ghevarghese Mar Kurilos, head of the Jacobite Church;">Ghevarghese-Mar-Kurilos-Advocates-for-an-Independent-Palestinian-StateGhevarghese Mar Kurilos, the esteemed leader of the Jacobite Church, has passionately asserted that the resolution of global challenges hinges upon the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. In a bold declaration, he underscores the interconnected nature of almost all economic and political issues worldwide with the Palestinian cause, urging proactive measures to address this pivotal concern.
Kurilos draws attention to the dire situation in Gaza, labeling it as the world’s largest open prison, where a community faces oppression under the banners of slavery and racism. This poignant observation serves as a rallying cry for international attention and intervention. The leader expresses concern over the swift change in his own country’s foreign policy, questioning the dynamics that led to a sudden tilt in favor of Israel.
The article delves into the broader implications, touching on the global rise of fascism disguised as cultural nationalism. Kurilos challenges the shifts in ideology and policy, calling for a reevaluation of the prevailing political landscape. He extends full solidarity with the Palestinian people, emphasizing the urgency of recognizing their struggle on the international stage.
As the head of the Jacobite Church, Mar Kurilos’ words carry weight, resonating with a call for collective action. His advocacy for an independent Palestinian state becomes a focal point for readers, urging them to contemplate the broader implications of geopolitical decisions on a global scale. The article serves as both a critique of current political trajectories and a rallying cry for solidarity and justice.

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