• Washington: ( Who is waiting for the US presidency? Will Donald Trump get a second term or will Joe Biden get to the White House? Only hours left to answer all these questions. Voting in the presidential election has entered its final phase. Indications are that the record is polling
  • Biden, a 77-year-old Democratic candidate, was vice president of the Obama administration for eight years. The prediction is that Biden will be able to oust Trump.
    The Republican nominee, Trump, is second in command in the White House. Kamala Harris is the Democratic Party’s Vice Presidential candidate. Mike Pence is the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Out of 538 members of the Electoral College, 270 are required to win. Many of the survey results predicted Biden’s victory. The U.S. presidential election is of paramount importance during the Covid epidemic. With the official election set for November 3, tens of millions of Americans have already registered to vote using the early voting system.

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