• Washington:- Democratic leader Joe Biden has announced that he will grant citizenship to 110,000 people if he wins the US presidential election. Joe Biden says the citizenship of 110,000 people is on the priority list, not just the eradication of the corona virus. The Democratic nominee announced that the country’s first priority would be to revive the country’s economy and restore American ties to various parts of the world. The Economic Times reports that Biden announced yesterday that he would bring in a bill to address immigration-related issues and that 110,000 people would be granted citizenship under the bill. Biden said he would have to work hard to remove the damage he had done. Biden added that envisioned plans will be formulated after a strong fight against the epidemic. In the current situation, the new generation is facing a tense atmosphere when they come out of schools. But they are the ones who evaluate things in the most open way, Biden said. “It’s not normal to live in a world where people are surprised,” Biden said. 215,000 Americans die from Kovid infection. Biden says Trump’s failure to take appropriate action on time has made things worse.

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